We started as a small enthusiastic group in 2015 that was bringing the values of organization to polish youngsters. Logos Polska focuses on intercultural exchange, the power of benefits of cultural diversity.

Only since 2016 Logos Polska has been actively involved in the Erasmus+ and have built a reliable network of local and international partners, with whom we have developed projects connected to outdoor educations, Life actions role playing games (LARP), escape rooms, critical thinking, storytelling, soft skills and art.

Obszar zapotrzebowania w tym szczegółowy opis zadań wolontariusza/ki:
Everything what may be needed to do in NGO:
– organizing events and workshops
– mentoring foreigner in Poznan
– help with organization of international projects
– working with application forms
– accounting

Liczba potrzebnych wolontariuszy/ek: 3

Wymagane kwalifikacje, umiejętności wolontariusza/ki:
– be motivate to learn
– intermedium English level

Korzyści dla wolontariusza:
When becoming a Logos member, you will, therefore:
☑️be invited to our member’s meetings;
☑️be able to initiate projects and events;
☑️receive support from other members and team leaders;
☑️be a mentor of our EVS volunteers
☑️be able to work in international environment in English;
☑️be prioritized for attending international projects;
☑️be invited to local training courses that will help you be more attractive to universities and employers;
☑️have the chance to practice and share skills that are interesting for you (soft skills, photography, video-making, design or any other activity)
☑️have the power to influence the lives of your community and change it for the better.

Wymiar czasu pracy wolontariusz/ki (liczba godz. pracy/tydz, dni tygodnia): From 3 till 15 h per week

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